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WMAD Pvt., Ltd. Helps VdesiConnect Enhance Its Desi Products and Services eCommerce Website for Indian-Americans in the USA

Introduction VdesiConnect is a popular eCommerce website that offers a wide range of products and services to Indian-Americans living in the USA. The company was founded in 2017 and quickly gained popularity among its target audience due to its focus on desi products and services, which cater to the unique needs and preferences of the Indian-American community.

Challenge As VdesiConnect continued to grow and expand its offerings, it faced several challenges in terms of website design, user experience, and functionality. The company realized that it needed a professional partner who could help it take its website to the next level and enhance its offerings to attract more customers in the highly competitive eCommerce market.

Solution VdesiConnect turned to WMAD Pvt., Ltd., a leading web development company with extensive experience in working with eCommerce clients. WMAD Pvt., Ltd. worked closely with VdesiConnect to understand its business goals, target audience, and unique selling propositions, and proposed a comprehensive solution that addressed all of the company’s web development needs.

The solution included:

  1. Redesigning the website: WMAD Pvt., Ltd. suggested a modern, user-friendly design that reflected VdesiConnect’s brand personality and catered to the needs and preferences of Indian-Americans. The new design featured a clean layout, intuitive navigation, and clear calls-to-action to improve the user experience and drive conversions.

  2. Developing custom features: WMAD Pvt., Ltd. developed several custom features that enhanced the functionality of VdesiConnect’s website, such as a medical assistance portal, IT services portal, and visa support service portal. These portals allowed users to access relevant services and information easily and quickly, improving their overall experience with the website.

  3. Improving website speed and performance: WMAD Pvt., Ltd. optimized VdesiConnect’s website for speed and performance by implementing several techniques, such as image optimization, caching, and minification. These improvements helped reduce the website’s load time and improve its overall performance.

  4. Enhancing website security: WMAD Pvt., Ltd. implemented several security measures to protect VdesiConnect’s website from online threats and cyber attacks. These measures included installing SSL certificates, implementing firewalls, and securing the website’s database.

Results Thanks to WMAD Pvt., Ltd.’s comprehensive web development solution, VdesiConnect saw significant improvements in its website’s performance, user experience, and functionality. Some of the key results include:

  1. Increased website engagement: VdesiConnect’s website saw a significant increase in engagement, with users spending more time on the website and interacting with its features more frequently.

  2. Higher conversion rates: The new website design and custom features developed by WMAD Pvt., Ltd. helped VdesiConnect achieve higher conversion rates, with an average of 5% more sales per month compared to the previous year.

  3. Improved website speed and performance: VdesiConnect’s website saw a significant improvement in speed and performance, with the website loading 2-3 times faster than before.

  4. Enhanced website security: VdesiConnect’s website was now more secure, with reduced risk of cyber attacks and data breaches.

Conclusion WMAD Pvt., Ltd.’s collaboration with VdesiConnect proved to be a successful partnership that helped the company achieve its web development goals and improve its online presence. By providing a comprehensive solution that included website redesign, custom feature development, website speed optimization, and website security enhancements, WMAD Pvt., Ltd. helped VdesiConnect attract more customers and improve the user experience

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