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Operations & Supply Chain

Operations & Supply Chain
Modernization of Applications

Operations & Supply Chain

Historically, businesses used linear value chains to sell their goods and services. Digital ecosystems made up of market networks will be able to support hybrid forms of cooperation and rivalry with the supply chain of the future. At the same time, industries are being shaped more than ever before by government regulations, technology, and demographics. In this Transformative Age, businesses must fundamentally restructure their supply chains and operations to increase performance and creativity.

A collection of asset-backed solutions, the WMAD Supply Chain Reinvention Framework is made possible by cutting-edge technologies including data analytics, blockchain, machine learning, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Top supply chain strategy, strategic architecture, operational effectiveness, and supply chain resiliency are all included in this package of solutions. By increasing collaboration and utilising the creativity and intelligence of your whole supplier ecosystem, we can help you better serve your customers.

Services for Supply Chain that Support Businesses in Quality Improvement

Digitally Integrated Planning

The most recent technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud platforms, enable WMAD’s Integrated Digital Planning solution. It is additionally supported by resources, Working Capital Optimization, Intellectual Automation, and “Lights Out” Planning. The Integrated Digital Planning solution may help you align your decisions and planning at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels and enable you to respond more quickly to market changes by utilising our experience, resources, and cutting-edge technologies.

Optimization of the Supply Chain

More than half of procurement leaders surveyed by WMAD recently believe that investing in digital technology now will enable cost savings, innovation, supplier assurance, and improved customer experience. For the supply side to succeed, the right suppliers with the right competencies must be chosen, they must be engaged under the right contractual agreements to drive performance, and they must then be actively managed as the business and the supply base grow. Our solution offers a complete framework for deploying customised assets and processes that will enable effective and efficient processes to manage commercial excellence, optimise the supplier portfolio, and carry out lights-out operations.

The Smart Factory

Our people-centric approach to operations planning, industrial Internet of Things (IoT), shopfloor operational excellence (OpEx), and analytics to create sustained performance improvement is called Smart Factory. You may use manufacturing data to improve results, assess whether your digital strategy is having an impact on shopfloor performance, and determine whether your practise standards are consistent from line to line with the help of Smart Factory.

Digital Fulfilment

Many of today’s supply chains struggle with inconsistent and ineffective fulfilment procedures in terms of cost, risk, and performance. The Digital Fulfillment solution from WMad makes use of cutting-edge technology, including autonomous automated cars to transfer items, AI equipment to ensure proper material flow, and analytics to produce heat maps for specific regions to better inventory allocation. The Digital Fulfillment solution can assist you in overcoming the standard logistical difficulties of effectiveness, affordability, accuracy, and speed to market in a setting where distribution point complexity is always increasing and lead times are getting shorter.

How WMAD Help You


The Smart Factory

Your shop floor will perform like never before thanks to the dynamic predictive data analytics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence provided by WMAD Smart Factory.


Transformation of Risks

We assist boards and CxOs in creating risk-aware, agile businesses that are better able to make decisions in order to accomplish their strategic goals.


Consulting for Intelligent Automation

We can assist you in implementing an integrated approach to process, automation, and service improvement.


Supply Chain Integration and Divestitures in M&A

A transaction offers a special chance to transform your supply chain, whether it’s an M&A integration or a divestiture and separation.


Supply Chain Planning Services 

Building lean and responsive supply chains is the goal of WMAD’s Supply Chain Planning Products, a patented collection of 15 interconnected solutions.


Supply Chain Transformation

With the help of people, technology, and innovation, WMAD’s Supply Chain Transformation Consulting will help you realise your supply chain transformation goals.

Solutions Related to the Supply Chain


Supply-chain Management

Take everything there is to know about the WMAD supply chain management solutions.


AI Solutions

Using artificial intelligence (AI) services, you may intelligently redesign your technology and workflows.


Blockchain Services

Create networks that add value by altering how companies collaborate.


Procurement Advisory

From sourcing to payment, reinvent the procurement process.


Operational Advice

In order to increase efficiency, optimization, cost savings, and competitive advantage, accelerate your operational transformation.


Constantly Getting Better with Simpler

Organizations may make significant supply chain reforms by working with Simpler Consulting.

Why WMAD for Supply Chain Operational Services?

Supply chain management can be strengthened by using WMAD’s supply chain consulting services to assist clients in creating future-proof, flexible, and resilient supply networks. With the human experience and the health of the planet as key factors, our outcomes-driven strategy, market-leading technologies, and integration capabilities enable you adapt your supply chain workflows, decision making, and enhance profitability.

Operations & Supply Chain

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