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ERP & Platform Services

ERP & Platform Consulting Services

ERP & Platform Consulting Services

Businesses spend tens of thousands to millions of dollars annually on applications and business systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, warehouse management, supply chain planning, and execution. Due to the complexity of these software ERP solutions, the outcomes frequently fall short of expectations.

Get the most out of your technology investments by utilising an ERP consulting firm’s experience rather than attempting to execute a sophisticated software solution on your own. Our ERP consultants may offer assistance at every stage of the solution lifecycle, from initial planning to deployment to continuous maintenance and improvement.

Our platform consulting services (PaaS) assist you in addressing the on-premises service delivery industry’s digital transition.

Overview of ERP & Platform

ERP Development

We provide ERP software that is perfectly in line with the customer’s unique business needs, internal policies, and industry norms. Our ERP specialists complete the entire ERP implementation process, which includes business analysis, building up the infrastructures and modules that are ready for ERP use, configuring bespoke features, and onboarding business users and ERP administrators.

ERP Customization

Based on your unique business requirements, we provide several types of customization for platform-based and customized ERP solutions. We took special care to test the changes after development to guarantee the efficient operation of new capabilities inside the integrated environment.

Testing of ERP

To ensure ERP efficacy, sustainability, security, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness, our ERP experts provide a full suite of integrated ERP testing services throughout the lifespan of ERP projects, from installation and deployment to update and maintenance.

Integration of ERP

By integrating your ERP with other enterprise systems using ready-to-use connectors or by creating proprietary, one-of-a-kind integration software, our ERP professionals help you assure uninterrupted company workflows, customer services, and cooperation between internal and external users.

Migration of ERP

Our ERP consultants assist you with selecting the ERP solution, managing the migration, and other related tasks, such as technology infrastructure, data and content migration, system integration and customizations, and post-migration ERP tuning, when you need to relocate your ERP to a new environment or toggle to another version of the ERP platform.

Platform Consulting Services

Beyond strategy and design, our platform consulting services also cover faultless and on-time implementation, on-budget execution, and innovative configurations that make the most of your platform investment.


Transformation and Consolidation of Data Centers

Our experts guide you toward a software defined infrastructure by shifting your unique IT supply chain into future subscription services and provider integration.


Choosing the Delivery Platform Services

Whether you provision yourself or source from outside, choosing the appropriate size for your prospective data center requires a thorough approach. We are able to integrate and optimize this larger IT supply chain.



We support the adoption and implementation of contemporary software-defined and private cloud architectures leveraging converged, hyper-converged, and modular infrastructure platforms through roadmaps and workshops.

Services for ERP Across Industries

To support and automate a variety of office chores and business operations, our ERP & platform consultants provide consulting solutions tailored to the specific needs of the industry.


Retailer ERP

In order to offer real-time visibility into business operations and promote fact-based decision-making across the company, our certified consultants assist in setting up ERP systems that integrate data across departments.


ERP for Ecommerce

WMAD provides ecommerce ERP systems to provide visibility and control over the complete ecommerce ecosystem, as well as to enable business process automation, consistent data management, cross-team interaction, digital commerce, and enhanced customer experience.


Manufacturing ERP

From shop floor operations to supply and inventory balancing, our ERP experts develop solutions to assist local and global businesses in gaining total visibility over their manufacturing processes. We support the establishment of effective resource allocation, control over the shop floor, and efficient financial management.


Logistics ERP

WMAD offers specialised ERP solutions that enable businesses to centralise information, control product flow and distribution, and guarantee on-time delivery of goods to clients and suppliers.


Banking ERP

We provide ERP solutions for the banking and financial sector to enable efficient communication between various departments, shorten processing times, boost output, enhance customer satisfaction, and guarantee compliance with legal requirements.


Healthcare ERP

WMAD creates ERP solutions that are compliant with IT security requirements and healthcare standards, enhancing patient care while reducing operating expenses, streamlining healthcare procedures, and boosting financial forecast accuracy.

WMAD for ERP & Platform Services

You need the expert ERP consultants at WMAD on your team if you want your upcoming ERP setup or upgrade to be a success. In addition to ensuring that the technology works, WMAD ERP consultants also make sure that your processes are optimised and your staff is prepared for change. With this strategy and our low-code process platform WMAD Flow, you can obtain more value out of your ERP system and improve your company’s performance in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and practically future-proofing.

You must choose the best way to provision your digital platform services and the ideal balance between your own data centre environment and outside services in order to respond to new business requirements. The digital supply chain architecture of an organisation should be determined by the customer experience. Our platform services consulting abilities address the on-premises service provision digital transformation.

ERP & Platform Consulting Services

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