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CIO Advisory & Consulting Services

CIO Advisory & Consulting Services
CIO Advisory & Consulting Services

CIO Advisory Services

With the increasing penetration of 5G, AI, machine learning, and cloud computing, a new era of technology has arrived. Our CIO Advisory team supports businesses all over the world in scaling up their cloud and digitization transformation programmes, reducing expenses, and speeding value realisation in order to compete in the new normal. Our solutions concentrate on the high-value things on the C-Suite agenda and offer a strong connection between business and IT to let you lead with influence outside the purview of the back-office.

Our CIO Advisory Services practice’s end-to-end capabilities address the whole spectrum of CIO concerns, from creating IT strategy to managing the business/system architecture to assessing and maximising IT value and performance.


Today’s marketplace places a strategic priority on high-performing IT, with the majority of businesses and organisations looking to IT to support and facilitate their goals for company expansion. True, the market conditions at the moment pose a difficult set of difficulties for IT, and CIOs are increasingly expected to:

Do More with Less

Deliver new or improved capabilities to the business faster by using less resources.

Improve IT Quality 

By offering a steadily more dependable service, early issue detection or prevention, and powerful solutions to a range of business needs.

Boost Client Satisfaction 

Enhance IT’s responsiveness and level of service.

Support the Business Strategy

By ensuring that IT efforts are in line with company goals and that the IT infrastructure maximises business value.

CIO Advisory Services Offered Include:


Cloud Transformation

Driving product improvements, enhancing financial performance, and accelerating speed-to-market are all part of the cloud transformation strategy we use with our clients to help them move faster to the cloud and gain real economic value.


Optimization of Technology Costs

CIOs are under pressure to provide significant cost and cash reductions while simultaneously enhancing productivity and efficiency. We uncover cost savings for IT operations of up to 60% using a three-step methodology.


Integrating M&A technology

The “next normal” is likely to be significantly shaped by M&A. Using their extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technological solutions, our professionals advise on strategy and execution to realise the benefits case for a complicated and significant transaction.

CIO Service Capabilities


Access to Information, Security, and Business Continuity

Cybersecurity is a crucial point of entry, and protection needs to be comprehensive. Our CIO consultants are experts in business continuity planning, application security, information access, intrusion detection, and backup and recovery testing.


Services for Cloud Operations & Migration

Solutions for the cloud are surfacing and developing quickly. Finding the ideal combination is a difficult task. In collaboration with our cloud specialists, we can speed up Office 365 migrations while delivering "Cloud Ops" transparency in pricing and routing.


Sourcing and Vendor/Product Selection Techniques

Standards and processes for choosing a vendor or solution are frequently haphazard. The "Sourcing" landscape is evolving quickly. Organizations can frequently make significant financial savings through licensing audits, cost modeling, onboarding governance/management, and contract renegotiation.

WMAD Qualified CIO Advisors

The highly qualified CIO consultants at WMAD Advisors can assist organisations by serving as temporary or permanent, part-time CIOs. This can be useful for companies that require temporary leadership in the absence of a full-time CIO as well as for companies who do not yet have a full-time CIO but are going through significant expansion and want a fractional resource to fill that function.

Our CIO advisers will help you with the day-to-day duties and functions of your information technology executives, allowing your company to use a seasoned CIO expert without having to find, hire, and train a full-time CIO. To ensure commercial success, it is essential to use current technology and systems. With the help of our knowledgeable CIO staff, your company will have no issue making significant use of these solutions for its own gain.

CIO Advisory & Consulting Services

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