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AI & Automation
AI & Automation

AI & Automation Consulting Services

Our AI & Automation practice is re-imagining a new world of possibilities for our clients by using the power of data to drive transformation initiatives and creative new business models. We envision the future of “smart AI” as connecting cutting-edge new technology to operate business processes in a human-centric manner. In order to help enterprises achieve operational savings at scale, our teams constantly reimagine new boundaries of value creation that empower people to do more.

AI & automation may have worked for you, but most businesses haven’t been able to scale its advantages throughout the entire organization. Automation investments are increasing without ever realizing their full potential, whether as a result of a shortage of competent labor or a clear top-down vision.

You require an enterprise-wide strategy to be successful. This entails creating new information processing based on AI in addition to using it to improve existing ones. This new manner of working is supported by organizational reform and ongoing skill development.

Select Your AI Conlsulting Scenario

Artificial Intelligence Adoption for the First Time

We evaluate your level of technological development and readiness for AI-driven automation, and we work with you to implement artificial intelligence into all aspects of your business operations, from use case analysis to designing AI-driven software and guaranteeing user acceptance.

Auditing and Reengineering AI

Our consulting specialists arrive to assess your running AI system’s algorithms, underlying business logic, architecture, usability, and security when you observe it underperform or fall short of stakeholders’ expectations. In order to protect your investment and get ready for future AI development, we then fix, upgrade, or restructure the programme.

Expansion of Artificial Intelligence

We assist you in scaling your AI transformation across the entire organisation after the proof-of-concept phase for a bigger and more satisfying impact. To assist you in building a dependable, unified ecosystem powered by artificial intelligence for your company, our artificial intelligence specialists will determine the optimum long-term AI approach.

Our AI and Automation team supports businesses around the globe in leveraging disruptive technology to advance their projects and produce quantifiable commercial value.

A List of Some of Our Main AI & Automation Offerings Is As Follows:


Automation Acceleration:

Cost savings and increased resiliency are just two of the immediate advantages of robotic process automation. With our Navigator solutions, we assist clients in setting sail for long-term, scalable growth and foster enterprise-wide confidence in the potential of automation technology. All the while demonstrating ROI measurement and a lens of countless use-case scenarios.


Revenue Generation:

Consumer expectations for the shopping experience of today are evolving. Retailers may use their unique loyalty data as a lever to further optimise merchandising and promotional decisions by leveraging MONETAIZE, which goes beyond conventional POS-based insights. We discover buried or underutilised revenue opportunities thanks to the power of AI.


Responsible AI:

Reduce corporate risks and increase long-term value by controlling AI according to moral standards that prioritise the welfare of others. As their Responsible AI Index (RAII) improves, firms can raise operational margins by as much as 5%, according to our data. For this reason, we’ve developed a framework to assist our clients in their transition to responsible AI.

The Benefits of Using Our AI Consulting Services

We create excellent software solutions as a software development and consulting firm. The best minds in the business infuse intelligence into software solutions at WMAD by developing tested ML models. We work with you to make sure that your personalised smart product is cutting edge and significantly benefits your company. While developing market-leading AI applications, we assist you in streamlining business procedures and maximising business operations. We assist you in integrating AI and related data analytics approaches into software. WMAD’s AI technology was used to create AI driven software products that are guaranteed to put you ahead of the competition and keep you there.


Integrated Cross-Platform Use

We combine your AI-driven solutions with your current platforms and systems. This suggests a coordinated operational flow that reduces waiting time and boosts productivity. Our professionals make sure that the integration procedure causes as little disturbance as possible to your present systems and processes. The solutions from WMAD can be used immediately away and integrated into your regular business operations.



Automate processes effectively so that data scientists can create, test, and then instantly deploy models into ML pipelines. By easing tension between the data science and operations teams, bottlenecks can be opened and ML procedures can be implemented. Give data scientists the freedom to rapidly experiment with and put new feature engineering, hyperparameter tuning, and model architectural concepts into practise in order to create, test, and rapidly deploy new components in a CI/CD pipeline.



All of our products are created using extremely secure development techniques that go above and beyond the typical industry norms. Because our ML models search for generalized data, we do not use any datasets that include Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We use techniques for data scrambling to anonymize data. Our experts put IP protection measures in place, employ active control lists, and grant certain users role-based access to dataset.


Personalized CX

We always keep the consumer at the forefront of all product development requirements while creating new products. The CX is tailored to the end user's demands using AI-driven user behavior prediction. A stunning, helpful, and user-friendly user interface that encourages users to complete tasks with the fewest clicks possible makes this even more potent.

AI Consulting Services: Creating Strategic Business Value

To assist clients in getting the most out of their investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, WMAD’s Consulting business offers a human-centric, technology-neutral, outcome-driven automation strategy. We assist clients in hyper-automating processes, redefining operations, and reimagining their customer journeys through the use of our AI platform. Numerous third party solutions are simply supported and seamlessly integrated with by our vast ecosystem of partners in AI, ML, and RPA. With our unique Simplification by simple methodology at the core of all we do, we help our clients accelerate their automation journeys by combining intelligent automation, data insights, and service innovation.

We provide our clients with highly unique enterprise AI and automation value thanks to our strengths in data, domain, IP, and service expertise as well as our collaborative partners. The hubs of cutting-edge research and experimentation in AI-enabled technology are housed in our cutting-edge experience centers and digital pods around the world.

AI & Automation

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