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Cloud Management Services

Cloud Management Services
Cloud Management Services

Cloud Management Services

Utilizing software and other technologies to keep an eye on the cloud-based services and applications is known as cloud management. Cloud Management Services are used to ensure that the applications and services are correctly communicating with users. The traditional IT infrastructure of every small to large business is currently being updated to include cloud computing. A lot of performance monitoring, maintenance, security testing, and disaster recovery go into remote system administration.

WMAD employs highly qualified infrastructure experts to provide cloud management and support services. We offer proactive server support, maintenance, monitoring, backup, and recovery services. Depending on the needs of our customers, our remote system administrators can carry out a variety of tasks, and we collaborate through regular communication with our clients.


Hosting, Observation, and Management

Create a single analytics platform that integrates all cloud hardware and applications. Your IT infrastructure will be easily integrated by WAMD cloud managed services into a user-friendly portal where you can follow outcomes as well as monitor and alter assets.

Recovery from Disasters as a Service (DRaaS)

Safeguard your data while ensuring complete application availability. It might be expensive and difficult to maintain a secondary site for catastrophe recovery. You can quickly retrieve lost data kept on backup sites with the help of our cloud-managed services.

Applications Management and DevOps

To revolutionise your application management, we will assist you in designing and deploying an end-to-end application development. Trianz managed cloud services will provide complete information on implementation plans, operations carried out, and returned outcomes to help prompt decision-making. They will also continuously update the state of your applications.

Cloud Security

Your company will be fully compliant with the Data Protection Directive (GDPR), Healthcare Insurance Portability and Protection Act (HIPAA), and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard by utilising Trianz’s dependable managed cloud security services (PCI-DSS).

Cloud Advancement

Deliver significant cost savings at scale through the use of virtual R&D, design, and real-time analytics to hasten the introduction of new products, services, and internal IT applications. Trianz can help you optimise your cloud applications and infrastructure so that you may cut down on unused hardware, lower the cost of supporting conventional legacy programmes, and save money over the short- and long-term.

Cloud Managed Services form WMAD


Server Control

You have total control over the virtual server thanks to the cloud server management we give as a service for cloud server hosting. allowing you to select your own operating system, applications, and hardware requirements.


Information Server

Our server administrators work with you to identify the precise configuration that will operate for your database without a hitch. By expressly engineering a server for both enterprise databases and open source database servers, we make it simple for you to deploy one.


Server VPN

We provide secure VPN servers that enable lag-free data transmission and reception. Server data administration is made simple by a virtual point-to-point connection made possible by dedicated connections, virtual tunnelling protocols, or traffic encryption.


Server of Applications

Our application servers are designed with built-in redundancy, support for complicated database access, and the ability to manage everything between users and the organization’s backend business applications or databases.


Public Cloud

Our primary area of expertise is the public cloud model, which is the most well-known type of cloud computing. We assist you in setting up a virtualized environment with strict security measures to create a unique cloud server platform for your company.

Managed Cloud Services' Advantages


Strong Infrastructure

Managed Cloud Service Providers provide strong infrastructure support thanks to effective network infrastructure and round-the-clock administration. They can combine and coordinate network operations with your primary business goals by monitoring, scanning, reporting, updating patches, and so on.


Services and Applications Centralized

A single data centre serves as the management hub for all services and applications. There is therefore potential for remote data access, improved productivity, efficient resource management, enough storage, and backup, among other benefits.


Effective Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

will ensure better control over the various service levels and assist your company achieve service continuity.


Data Security and Recovery

Cloud managed services ensure data security and prompt access by performing regular backups and accelerating recovery times for all cloud services and apps. As a result, business continuity's main goal is accomplished.


Quick Response

Handling a problem locally versus remotely across the network is different. When it comes to managed cloud services, we assume responsibility and guarantee a prompt reaction in the event of a problem, saving you significant time and effort.



In the event of any urgent concerns, cloud MSPs are in the forefront when engaging with cloud vendors. We accept accountability for problem-solving and offer suggestions on how to reduce expenses and automate crucial procedures.


Investment Schedule

We assist you in organising your budget for IT services. Set up a monthly service plan that is customised for your company's IT expenditures to get the most out of your support IT spending.



We can provide more choices for cost savings and lessening the strain of maintenance thanks to our cloud MSP. By outsourcing to a cloud MSP, your business is relieved of the price and strain of ongoing network maintenance.


Regular Updates

Regular technology and software changes that rely on an in-house IT team can take time, additional training, and resources. While relying on our cloud MSP and moving to a cloud environment keeps your data centres current with all recent technological advancements.

Why WMAD for Cloud Managemnt Service

We provide a streamlined solution that unifies the cloud management for your entire business into a single shared-service paradigm. Due to its automated management system, this will not only help relieve your personnel of a significant amount of labour but also enable other initiatives to continue to innovate. 

To help you compete in a highly competitive market, WMAD offers a tailored, affordable, and smart business plan. Through our cloud management platform, we assist you in gaining a new viewpoint and adopting an organisational attitude for building crucial business applications and achieving business objectives. This goes beyond simple data migration.

Cloud Management Services

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