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Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services
Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services

WMAD provides enterprises with cost-effective Cloud services to modernise their IT environments. Our team of professionals offers cutting-edge Cloud technology consulting services that enable businesses to significantly increase their productivity. Our managed Cloud services enable businesses to improve productivity, cut expenses, and shorten time-to-market while also minimising overhead.

With our on-demand industrial Cloud solutions, equipment, and software, including servers, security, data, networking, software, and apps, among others, we support customers. We assist our clients in becoming more responsive to the shifting market environment through the use of our expertise in Cloud managed services. We support our clients in making wise decisions in order to maximise their Return on Investment (ROI).

Our Implementation and Use of the Cloud Journey

IT Infrastructure Evaluation

To set out cloud usage cases and optimization opportunities and clear the path for risk-free cloud adoption, our cloud computing experts gain a handle on your crucial infrastructure, application dependencies, expected expenses, and business objectives.


Our way to solve engineers and architects build a secure, efficient, and potential cloud architecture, pick the best tech stack, and develop a thorough cloud adoption strategy in line with your company’s goals.

Construction and Deployment

In order to accelerate and even simplify the development process, we set up best practises and manage cloud deployment or, as necessary, install your cloud infrastructure.


We offer cloud infrastructure consulting and management if you currently have a cloud environment in existence and want to reduce operational costs, increase compliance, or optimise resource utilisation.

Ongoing Assistance 

To maintain your cloud workflows quick, safe, and in line with your business procedures, we’ll measure and optimise how much you spend on cloud resources, expand your cloud service portfolio, run compliance checks, and train your staff.

Our Cloud Deployments


Services for the Public Cloud

Take advantage of the flexibility in price, almost infinite scalability, and ease of usage and maintenance.


Services for Private Cloud Consulting

In a private cloud, one organisation has exclusive access to the computer infrastructure, which is not shared with other businesses. Use zero latency, greater security, and privacy for local apps.


Consultancy Services for Hybrid Clouds

A hybrid cloud is made up of both private and public cloud services that are orchestrated together.


Services for Several Clouds

Profit from the special deals being offered by various cloud companies.

Use Cloud Consulting Services to Your Advantage


Decreased Cost of Migrating

To minimise further re-development work and lower migration costs, we provide tailored, realistic migration plans for each infrastructure component.


Reduced Monthly Cloud Fees

We choose specific cloud services that are most appropriate for your unique situation and build the optimum resource orchestration patterns.



To guarantee high app dependability and quick recovery, we develop fault-tolerant designs for your cloud apps and establish best practises of cloud performance management.


Improved Security

We assist you with granular access control, effective user behaviour regulations, conducting security training, and more. We also help you encrypt data while it is in transit and at rest.

Choose WMAD for Cloud Consulting Services

Wmad is a comprehensive set of contemporary engineering tools and procedures that aids clients in cloud lifecycle evaluation and management, helps them create the best cloud migration strategies, and offers agility to hasten the adoption of the cloud and the process of digital transformation. The platform has efficiency kits that offer plug-and-play functionality and support a variety of technologies that are accessible in the enterprise ecosystem.

Our intelligence and simulation engine is fuelled by a central knowledge base that was developed through application telemetry and monitoring along the whole value chain, enabling multi-cloud management and governance. For enhanced results, the platform also combines a number of crucial elements from across the cloud lifecycle.

Cloud Consulting Services

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