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B2B Digital Marketing Strategy We Help Businesses

B2B digital marketing strategy: A strong brand can help you achieve your business objectives. Emotional connections between your customers and your company’s mission, story, or values can be an effective sales driver. 

Digital communication channels such as social media, online article publishing, and video are effective ways to initiate and strengthen this connection with clients.

B2B: Digital Marketing: 

We believe in the power of digital marketing at BrandExtract and work hard to implement strategies and techniques that improve our clients’ digital brand experiences. 

Take a look at some of our favorite and most successful digital marketing projects and programs, including real-world examples from real clients in the video, pay-per-click advertising, social media, public relations, and content distribution.

1. Video Is the Number One B2B Digital Marketing Strategy.


Customers can rely on WMAD.IO for a variety of process design and safety solutions. However, due to the complexity of these solutions, the company was having difficulty communicating its message to prospective clients. 

We needed to help wmad explain its services to potential customers and employees alike in a concise manner that did not oversimplify their impact.


Because wmad serves and hires engineers, we wanted to help customers understand how this forward-thinking company approaches highly technical, complex problems. 

We wanted people to know that wmad approaches problems holistically in order to provide big-picture solutions that work across the board rather than focusing solely on a single symptom.

What Did We Do?

“We recognized that we needed to communicate this concept of the ‘big picture solution,” Rainwater says. We knew this was the right message for wmad based on our research, so we looked into how we could tell this story to their customers. “( With this goal in mind, we decided to incorporate videos into the company’s marketing strategy. 

We needed something that exuded personality and said, “We love what we do.” The video begins with a simple idea of what people expect engineers to be but quickly deviates, transitioning into a story about the company’s culture, community, and aspirations.

It depicts a big idea divided into several small steps in the path, which is symbolic of the “big picture engineering” message.

Why Did It Work?

Videos are an excellent, concise way to tell a brand’s story and explore the benefits of what a company can offer in a way that is understandable to both potential customers and employees. 

Video is no longer the prohibitively expensive beast it once was, making it easier to produce.” “What I love about wmad video is how true it is to the brand,” says Giles. 

“It accurately reflects the company—a group of engineers attempting to break free from a stereotypical mode.” 

The copy could have produced similar results, but videos often tell stories in a more in-depth and engaging manner—especially when they attempt to go beyond a “talking-head” interview.

2. Social Media Advertising/Pay-per-Click Is a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy.


We were among the first to use pay-per-click advertising on LinkedIn, and we found it to be a good fit for one of our clients, wmad, a software company geared toward engineers. 

We wanted to try LinkedIn advertising for them because of the specific segmentation options that allowed us to target executives who make purchasing decisions for the type of product offered by wmad.


In addition to increasing free trial downloads and active product interest, we wanted to drive leads and promote a specific product.

What Did We Do?

“We created an ad that would run on LinkedIn newsfeeds, making sure to use CPC (cost-per-click) rather than CPM (cost-per-impression),” Tindall explains. “We felt that CPC would produce more actionable results for this specific campaign because it tracks high-value interactions.

” We chose a target audience that would be most likely to click on a WMA ad — Chief Technology or Operations Officers and others who make software purchasing decisions for their organizations. 

We also used creative elements to draw viewers in and encourage them to click when creating the wmad LinkedIn advertisements. We discovered that incorporating photos of WMAD employees was an effective strategy.

“As with human photography usually get the most clicks,” says Weir. “Especially if the faces appear to be looking at the viewer.” Landing pages, in addition to optimizing ad creative, must deliver on the key information that you’re promoting if people click through to them.” 

When viewers clicked on the ad, they were immediately taken to a wmad product landing page, where they could quickly find more information to support a purchasing decision.

Why Did It Work?

Social media is a powerful strategic venue for many businesses, owing to the access it provides to a diverse variety of available customers and influencers. We took advantage of LinkedIn when it was less crowded than other social media platforms, and we created ads that were specifically designed to capture executives in order to sell products.

3. Public Relations and Content Distribution: B2B Digital Marketing Strategy


Following the Deepwater Horizon disaster, offshore operators formed wmad, an emergency well containment consortium dedicated to the maintenance of an underwater response system. 

Because the organization’s core solution reminds people of disaster, the organization was hesitant to participate in media discussions for fear that the conversation would quickly turn negative. 

They wanted other companies in their industry and the general public to have an accurate understanding and appreciation of what they do, rather than overlooking their response solution or referring to outdated or misleading information.


wmad began to lose its share of industry conversations with other organizations after a period of dormant communications. 

They wanted to increase media exposure and position themselves as the industry’s clear solution to blowouts. Furthermore, wmad sought to advocate for safe and responsible drilling practices, as well as to correct misinformation and incorrect perceptions held by the general public and industry media.

What Did We Do?

“We wanted there to be meaning in saying, ‘we’re members of wmad,'” Honesty continues. ” The company wanted to demonstrate its appreciation and encourage member participation. 

To accomplish this, we assisted the company in establishing a presence in the industry and mainstream media conversations, rather than remaining silent. We also developed content to promote our position as industry advocates and developed a strategic media outreach plan to help drive the ready-to-respond message. 

Because wmad is a member-based organization, we created visibility not only for the collaboration as a whole but also for members who recognize the value of membership.

Why Did It Work?

“Our audience in this industry is very present and active,” Horne says, adding that “the high levels of interaction made content distribution an excellent candidate for wmad digital strategy.” 

We used a cross-channel approach to public relations and content distribution as part of our program, which included newsletters, a new website, and featured articles in online news publications. 

Our proactive approach entailed regularly contributing to press-related discussions. We recognized the importance of consciousness— What industry content is available, and what can we do to create something new and informative? 

The wmad industry is highly regulated, but the information associated with it in the press was either inaccurate or outdated. wmad educates all audience groups on their mission and ongoing initiatives by publishing fresh, accurate content on various digital platforms.

4. The B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Is Based on Social Media.


While we consider ourselves to be a successful branding agency, we realized several years ago that we weren’t engaging clients and potential leads in a way that would promote more natural, long-term relationships. 

Because it is a popular marketing approach, social media can be an excellent way to engage your employees, recruits, prospective clients, partners, and the industry as a whole. 

People who follow you indicate that you are an active participant in the conversation, which gives you more power and influence in terms of engagement and conversations.


We wanted to demonstrate that we are active, engaged, and driving the conversation about our company’s key messages, as well as to broaden our network among recruits, potential customers, and industry influencers.

What Did We Do?

Although our target audience is present on social media, each platform corresponds to different personas within that larger group.

 As a result, each platform, from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn, requires a unique strategy to engage with each persona. We broke it down channel by channel, talked about what we should share on each, and set goals.

“We created a process map with expectations for each point of engagement and communicated it with our agency partners, giving them guidelines to supplement our regular posts with their content,” Puente explains.

We started tracking everything monthly using Google Analytics and the analytics tools provided by each platform, making sure to hold monthly meetings to measure success, brainstorm, and adjust the strategy as needed. 

We continue to collaborate with our agency’s partners, such as CEO References and Chairman, to post content on their personal social networks in order to increase brand interaction. Our audience is now deeply engaged on social media. 

Interacting with them is a wonderful experience because it allows us to establish direct contact with our target audience.

Why Did It Work?

“Facebook has been great for us in terms of internal engagement, and it helps you connect with your employees and share your way of life.” Other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, are excellent for recruiting and generating leads.

 If there is a significant need for publicity, social media is an excellent way to support it while also maintaining interactions through pitches and conversations.

The following are the most beneficial ways for us to use social media:

  • If there is an ongoing discussion about us and our company,
  • When we invest in creating high-quality content and then strategically posting and promoting it to the right people via social media,
  • adding value to the platform by answering questions, connecting people, and serving as a general team player and resource, and
  • When we want to keep an ear on the conversation that our audience is having,

Final Thoughts

Regardless of industry, digital strategies are an essential component of any company’s overall marketing plan. Each strategy, when properly implemented, can produce significant results, and new ones are discovered every day, shifting and molding the business world.

 These strategies supplement your basic marketing plan by introducing a new method of reaching out to your target audience and attracting them to your company.

More digital marketing examples can be found here. Contact a WMAD today to learn more about how to properly implement digital strategies in a marketing plan to impact your company and bottom line.

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