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Web Application Development

web application development
web application development

What is Web Application Development?

Building a web application involves a process called web application development. Standard engineering procedures are less of a priority than engaging with the browser. In most cases, developing a web application entails describing the issue, modelling a solution, consulting users, selecting a framework or tool, and eventually creating and testing the web application.

Software developed with the aid of various web development tools is essentially what web apps are. The ability for users to access such apps using a browser is a requirement for such apps.

Since web app development and web development share many traits, they are theoretically related to each other and are sometimes mistaken for websites. Web apps, however, operate on devices in a totally different manner from a regular website.

Ruby on Rails, Laravel, and Django are the most widely used frameworks and languages for creating online applications, along with HTML and CSS, React, and Vue on the front-end on the back-end.


Project management for web development

Our business analysts establish project requirements and specify the scope of a potential web app using experience from more than 15 different industries. Then, our project managers present a high-level project plan, offer rough time- and cost-estimates, and assemble a team for the execution of your web project.

Designing UX and UI

WMAD’s UX and UI professionals design user-friendly navigation and attractive interfaces for your web software while taking into account the particular requirements of your target audience. Our responsive web app design ensures a fluid online experience across all devices, increasing user happiness and converting more users.

Web application building

Wmad’s programmers are adept at mastering a wide range of web development technologies, and our web architects are knowledgeable in creating all of the most recent architecture patterns, including microservices, headless, and PWA. We use our Project Management Office skills to assure timely and high-quality delivery.


To ensure that the performance of your web app will be safe, dependable, and quick, Wmad makes use of the advanced QMS (Quality Management System) recognised by the ISO 9001 accreditation and depends on the IMAAT (Integrated Manual and Automated Testing) technique.


We accomplish seamless integration of your web app/portal with a CMS and your software infrastructure via custom APIs to assist you in automating and streamlining procedures. Our integration specialists leverage the CI/CD pipeline when adding new functional modules to already created web solutions to enable easy deployment without hindering the performance of your web app.

24/7 assistance

We support your web app at the levels and troubleshooting any new usage, configuration, or coding concerns. For stable workflows and great user satisfaction, our support guarantees high availability and failsafe functionality of your web app, web portal, or other type of web-based solution.

Benefits of Website Applications


Cross-Platform Integration

You won’t need to choose a platform when learning how to create a web application. Compared to software, web apps are cross-platform compatible. A web browser is the bare minimum requirement for running web-based software. Anything from Safari to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc., can be used.

Web apps are also compatible with all operating systems in addition to this. Therefore, it makes no difference if customers are using Windows, Android, Linux, or macOS. A web application will function flawlessly across all platforms and browsers.


Web Applications Offer Greater Security

The level of security is one aspect of web application creation that you’ll like in particular. As opposed to conventional downloading software, web apps are more secure.

This is due to the fact that they send HTTPS queries, which is a solid security practice in and of itself. Additionally, the data of users that interact with a web application is saved on a cloud server.


They Operate Offline

As you learn how to create a web application, be careful to comprehend the function and operation of cache-first service workers. If the user has loaded some data, this method enables your application to operate offline.


Other Benefits:

  • There are no space restrictions because it functions online rather than on a hard drive.
  • On the commercial side, it doesn’t require significant support and maintenance costs.
  • It operates more smoothly with fewer technical requirements from the user.
  • It’s simpler to automatically update web applications and maintain the features new.
  • Users typically encounter fewer compatibility difficulties because you only need to modify the programme for particular browsers.

What Does it Cost to Develop a Web Application?

How much does it cost to build a web app from scratch? is a question that seems to be important to many people, therefore we choose to add it as a bonus point to our tutorial.

The amount of money you invest on a web app actually depends on a number of variables. But everything revolves with your idea and how complex the answer you’ll require is. The more features you want, the longer and more expensive it will take to make them a reality. To help you save money in the future, let’s examine the sub-factors that can impact the magnitude of your investment.


The Development Unit

The cost of development will rise with the amount of people working on it, whether you have an internal team or utilise an outsourced firm. Working with your employees, though, can make it much simpler to convey ideas and maintain project flow.


The Tools Employed

Some of your suggestions could need frameworks that are different from what your developers are accustomed to using. In this situation, you'll either have to invest money on more internal team research and education, or you'll need to employ a team extension.


The Innovation

Innovation always entails inventive resources, or technology. Therefore, be prepared to spend significantly more on your web application development if you intend to create something that is completely novel to the business.


The Duration

Everything here depends on how well you plan; both too short and too long time frames will raise the expense of your web application. The explanation is rather straightforward: as project duration increases, resource requirements increase and project expenses increase. On the other hand, tight deadline planning will unquestionably play a significant role in driving up the price of the hired workforce.


Region and Application Type

You must keep in mind that your app will often need to comply with specific standards. Whether it's a Fintech, healthcare, or even a standard app, if it's in a region subject to GDPR regulations. Costs associated with setting up the compliance-related expenses. In fact, it's the element for which you have neither a resignation letter nor a replacement. All you have to do is accept it gracefully.

Why Wmad for Web Application Development?

The things that set us apart from our rivals are the scalable web apps we build using contemporary frameworks, structured architecture patterns, and user-centric UI/UX designs. In a word, we vow to be committed to quality and on-time delivery with our bespoke web application development services. Building world-class B2B and B2C apps with a focus on Healthcare, Fintech, Transportation, AdTech, e-Learning, and data analytics has been our forte for more than twelve years. Over 100 clients have received products from our web app engineering team. The most recent technologies, like React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, Python, MongoDB, Node.js, etc., are all part of our technology stack.

web application development

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