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Modernization of Mobile Apps

Modernization of Mobile Apps
Modernization of Mobile Apps

Modernization of Mobile Apps

Our comprehensive assessment, performance and functionality evaluation, transfer, re-engineering, re-factoring, re-platforming, and support & maintenance are all part of our all-encompassing corporate app modernization solutions. To ensure that your enterprise mobile apps are changed into solutions that are future-proof, we adhere to a structured procedure for legacy modernisation.

Application modernization is the process of improving and re-creating traditional mobile apps created on outdated platforms. This includes (but is not limited to) upgrading the existing platform, architecture, UX/UI, user experience, functionality, and more.

There are numerous ways at Wmad modernise conventional mobile apps and make them future-ready, depending on the existing mobile applications and their flaws and weaknesses.

Let’s talk about the inherent advantages of application modernization before we go over the seven different ways every mobile app can be updated, and find out why your company needs this service right away.

Wmad Modernization Services for Mobile Apps

By eliminating out-of-date software and updating existing programmes to conform to contemporary digital business trends, our talented team of mobile app developers modernises corporate apps.

Consulting for Application Modernization

We turn your wasteful apps into productive ones so they don’t affect your bottom line.  To provide you the right advice on the upgrades your app needs, we look at the coding, infrastructure, and business requirements.


When a mobile app is modernised using the Encapsulation method, its existing functionalities are divided into a number of smaller services and made available to the user as services through an API (API).  With this strategy, a static application structure is mostly changed into a microservices application structure.

Services for Application Restructuring

We offer both functionality and solutions for current enterprise mobile apps.  To bring new life into the apps and lessen the burden of routine maintenance, we eliminate dead codes.

Evaluation & Analysis

We review and analyse data to determine the amount of work needed to update mobile applications. The business case for re-engineering the apps is another thing we prepare.


Without redesigning or reorganising the architecture, the existing application is moved from one infrastructure environment and rehosted on a more contemporary, capable infrastructure environment in this process for application optimization. The “Lift & Shift” method is another name for this approach.

Services for Application Re-Platforming

We provide full support for transferring your old mobile apps to more modern and effective tech platforms.  To easily re-platform your mobile applications with us, use our technology services.

Services for Application Migration

We move your mobile applications to a platform that is based on standards without putting your data at danger. We assist in streamlining corporate processes, reducing annoyances, and reducing dangerous dangers.


Although there have been significant improvements made to the traditional application’s main components, the ReFactor technique is fairly similar to the ReHost approach. One common example is separating the backend, frontend, databases, and logging services from the existing, dated mobile application. Smaller component management and optimization are made simpler and more seamless in this approach.


This is the process of completely rebuilding and re-developing the mobile application while maintaining the legacy application’s original scope and specs. With a significant variation in the actual process, it is somewhat akin to the ReArchitect technique. Rather than simply renovating, we are re-developing and re-launching the legacy programme in an entirely new avatar.


In the final process, the previous mobile app is entirely replaced with a new one that has a completely different structure, scope, and functions. In this paradigm, newer, more dependable, and scalable technologies—like cloud computing—are used to increase the productivity and ROI of modern applications.

Application Modernization's Advantages

The application modernisation process has four primary advantages:

  • Due to the elimination of complicated bureaucracies associated with large projects, IT productivity can increase by up to 40%.
  • As enterprises may now build error-free applications thanks to updated, innovative technologies, defects and faults are minimised by up to 50%.
  • Talented workers are lured in to use and learn innovative technology, increasing employee motivation for both current and new employees.
  • Because the current, streamlined application is already market-ready, the go-to-market procedure and shipment of new goods are sped up.

This demonstrates unequivocally that application modernization is a crucial procedure and a necessity for practically every business that is still reliant on antiquated, outmoded software and platforms.

Why Should you Modernise Mobile Applications with Wmad?

All businesses who want to advance further in their road toward digital transformation must utilise application modernization services. This makes it crucial to work with the correct group of people to achieve your goals.

  • Wmad offers more than just services for modernising mobile apps to lower your costs and risks. But our attention is on improving the user experience and giving you the most business value possible.
  • You can anticipate an improvement in productivity and revenue, as well as improved client/customer communication, with our professional advice and decades of experience.
  • For a higher ROI, our application modernization strategy involves consolidating, migrating, replacing, and automating your whole IT infrastructure.
  • To better understand your business objectives and what might work best for your end customers, we adopt a customer-centric approach. This aids in the development of specific plans for your company.

With Wmad’s application modernization and mobile app development services, you may improve client experiences, open up new company processes, hasten time to market, and raise revenues.

Modernization of Mobile Apps

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