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Data Warehousing Services

Data Warehousing

Data Architecture and Modelling

Data Warehouse Service: Data modeling and architecting, data integration and governance, data warehouse migration services, enterprise data management services, performance and managed services are all part of the WMAD data warehousing services.

Data warehousing refers to the process that organisations use to collect data from multiple data sources, such as a transactional system’s database, in a centralised location and then report that data to business users in an aggregated format. WMAD understands the complexities of this process and includes discrete and essential components in its data warehousing services to ensure success for its clients.

WMAD provides simple access to complex data and facilitates effective business analysis and forecasting, resulting in better decision-making. Flexibility is an important tool that we provide to managers in order for them to access data through queries.

Services for Data Warehousing

Whether your data warehouse services are on-premise or in the cloud, Compunnel Digital’s expertise can get your data where it needs to go, bringing new life to your business analysis, reporting, and decision-making.

Data Architecture and Modelling:

The bedrock of this is an organization’s business process. Data consolidation is considered across the organisation while keeping adequate security, data modelling and organisation, query requirements, metadata management and application, planning a data warehouse services for optimal band utilisation, and full technology implementation in mind. Our multidimensional process includes the following aspects:

  • Process architecture, which defines the stages of data processing in which raw transactional data is converted into information for end users to help them make better decisions Making
  • Data modeling is the most important stage of architecting a data warehouse for integrating and delivering information across the enterprise, and its quality is heavily dependent on the data model architecture. At WMAD, we consider data models to be progressive, like a living document that evolves with the business, and thus recommend that the model be stored in a repository that can be retrieved, edited, and expanded over time.
  • Our technology architecture includes our analysis of the BI solution’s scalability and flexibility. This is influenced by an organization’s size, nature of business, and requirements. Technical architecture is derived from process architecture, metadata management and business rules, security considerations, and tool-specific requirements. Database management, connectivity protocols, middleware, network protocols, and other technologies are also included in this step.
  • Information architecture is a step-by-step process of converting information from one form to another. This enables the management of data storage, retrieval, modification, and deletion in the data warehouse to be mapped.
  • Performance optimization refers to the various resources derived from software architecture that aid in determining performance. Our primary goal here is to optimise performance by designing a solution with sufficient resources to complete the workload on time.

Integration of Data

WMAD’s expertise delivers complex data warehousing services integration solutions to our customers by combining data from multiple sources and providing end users with a unified view of enterprise data via SSOT (Single Source of Truth). The creation of an SSOT or a reporting database with all the required data elements for getting enterprise information in one silo simplifies a tedious, time-consuming, and cumbersome process caused by data volume explosions and increased adoption of transaction processing systems such as ERP, SCM, CRM, and so on. We provide data extraction from the source system, complex transformation logic for standardisation and aggregation, and finally, load the modified data into the reporting database. This process is determined by the data model created while architecting this solution.

Data Management 

By balancing a complex programme with effective people management skills, committees, management, workforces, and strong analytical skills, WMAD brings its expertise to you. Data quality, data warehousing services, data management, data policies, and business and risk process management related to data management within an organisation are all covered by WMAD services. As part of our service offering, we develop a data governance maturity model that is tailored to the needs of individual customers. The process begins with determining whether the organisation requires data governance and, if so, determining the most effective way to implement it. We understand the importance of having an accurate and up-to-date data warehouse because it is a critical component for the success of a BI system.

Services for Architecture Design and Modeling:

Through the design and architecture of your data warehouse services, you can chart a course to meet the needs of both business and IT users. This ensures that your data warehouse is always up to date and meets your business requirements.


Services for Data Warehouse Migration

An enterprise data warehouse service is built to centralise your data by consolidating data marts or migrating from another platform.


Services for Enterprise Data Management

Coverage includes data integration, validation, management, and protection from inception to eventful termination.


Performance Services

We optimise your system by analysing its performance and capacity.


Managed Services (MS)

Our experts maintain an optimal data warehouse services environment by monitoring tasks on a daily basis using field-tested data warehouse processes and specialised tools.

Data warehouse design, development, maintenance, migration, data marts, data analysis, extraction, transformation, loading, online analytical processing, data cleansing, conversion administration, report generation, and ad hoc query are just a few of the services available.

e-methodology process for providing data warehousing services includes the following phases:

Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construct, QA, Rollout, and Iteration are the results of using the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence product suite.


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