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Industrialized Solutions

Industrialised Solutions
Industrialised Solutions

Industrialized Solutions

Applications of industrial analytics frequently need immediate, actionable insights. A predictive model for engine failure is only useful if it can foresee the failure early enough to prevent it. For this, it’s necessary to manage a large amount of information created at the edge and convey insights quickly to the appropriate system or person.

Because of these particular difficulties, adopting an analytics strategy designed especially for manufacturing is essential to accelerating corporate results. Our full-stack capabilities and strategic analytics strategy speed up time to value by streamlining data science practice, extending insights to drive action in real time, and providing flexibility at an enterprise scale.

Organisations may turn raw data into usable information with the assistance of Wmad’s multidisciplinary approach to analytics, insights, and data. This facilitates the process of making strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. We are aware of the drawbacks of legacy design and work to increase efficiency and prospects for data asset monetization through modernization. You may create an enterprise analytics roadmap and understand how to use data assets with the assistance of our consulting services.

How do Manufacturers of Smart Instruments benefit from Data Analytics?

In order to examine historical trends daily and use generated insights to operate more predictably, the majority of industrial firms urgently need enhanced visibility into their operations. In order to monitor these industrial operations, smart tools would need to gather real-time data and contextualize it for business KPIs like performance, reliability, productivity, root cause analysis, and estimating the usable life remaining.

Our data analytics consultancy and implementation framework at Wmad assists Industries in creating unique data platforms and data analytics solutions that support them in achieving their business goals. For instance:

Creating a single trustworthy source

using data that has been combined and contextualised from several sources, including sensors, machines, ERP, and WMS, into a single source.

Obtain predictive and real-time insights

employing statistical and machine learning models that forecast outcomes like failures and defects using historical and current data.

Timely messages and alerts

Provide field service engineers and clients with timely warnings that are sparked by analytics-generated insights.

Analyse the core causes at a deeper level

Making decisions about production and field operations is made easier with the aid of intuitive visuals and root cause analysis.

Our Services Including


Engineering and development of products

We assist you throughout the entire product lifecycle, from product development to deployment and testing. Our teams provide whatever you require, whether it be cloud & mobility enablement or adding intelligence to your current products.


Re-engineering products

Increase the size of your current items to assure that they will be tech-ready in ten years. We support the re-architecture, re-factoring, or re-platforming of the current technological stack and architecture while enhancing/maintaining the current scalability, security, and performance capabilities of your products.


Continuous deployment and integration

We provide CI/CD pipelines and DevOps methods for the creation, deployment, and continuous improvement of new products through consulting, comprehensive implementation, and infrastructure monitoring utilising DevOps technologies. 


Product validation and testing

We operate and test a variety of items safely. To ensure that your products leave a lasting impression, our professionals use technological breakthroughs to give quality-centric validation & verification services.


Analytics & Data Platform

Improve the capabilities of your products by combining data analytics, ML-AI, and data mining to produce more sophisticated goods. Utilizing our tested industrial frameworks, shorten the time it takes to sell your product.

How Wmad Interact with You

Our team takes a comprehensive approach when designing and developing unique data analytics solutions to help you achieve your goals.


Data Evaluation

evaluating the method used to gather data, the type of data being collected, and the integration potential with cloud computing platforms.


Making a Plan of Action

Building a plan to design, create, and deploy a data platform requires understanding what is lacking in order to build a commercial use case.


Creating the Architectural Design

Building a technologically advanced, scalable, and dependable architecture.


Developing Solutions and Continuing Maintenance

To provide your consumers with higher value. providing you with ongoing maintenance support will assist you in fully adopting the app.

Wmad's Analytics solution can ensure that industrial assets operate as efficiently as possible by:

Utilizing data-driven decision support, organisations may increase the production efficiency and agility of their assets and production lines. For cost and time savings, create standardised processes using operational expertise from the present and the past. Staff should be made aware of unplanned unpredictability and risk to reduce critical mistakes and increase standardisation.

Wmad is a reputable provider of data analytics consulting services that develops reliable, enterprise-grade solutions for predictive analytics, real-time analytics, and process optimization. Our teams successfully create and deploy industry solutions by utilizing their knowledge of data engineering and analytics on Cloud platforms.

Industrialised Solutions

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