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Consulting in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Consulting in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We advise you on reducing risks, increasing results, and turbocharging your business intelligence (BI) programmes.

Our approach to Consulting in Business Intelligence and Analytics is a highly strategic and technologically driven process that involves data collection and analysis to gain business insights.

Our business intelligence consultants see BI as a critical component of any company’s growth, stability, and market penetration. They are in charge of data collection and analysis, as well as assessing and validating gathered data, developing models to evaluate behaviours, and implementing new methodologies so that your organisation can make data-driven decisions.

We can help you achieve superior analytics in significantly less time by focusing on high-value and tactical demands.


Data Mart, and Enterprise Data Warehouse

Over the course of more than a decade of successful business intelligence delivery, we have developed a proprietary Consulting in Business Intelligence and Analytics Architecture Framework that produces mature, extensible, and enterprise-scale systems. This technology-agnostic approach consists of the full-solution architecture, which includes hardware planning, software selection, individual data, ETL, and reporting architectures.

Visualization and Reporting

Executive briefing books and dashboards; parameter-driven reports; ad-hoc pivot analytics; advanced visualisation; predictive analytics and forecasting; complex event notification; statistical analysis and data mining are all part of our Reporting and Visualization capability.

Design and Evaluation

We assist you in achieving your design objectives, from evaluating your current architecture to designing for the future. Our approach extends beyond technical expertise. It consists of the organisational changes and business process improvements needed to implement and support your future. Current state assessment, goal state design, and organisational readiness are among the services provided.

Roadmap and Strategy

Being an information-driven organisation is difficult, but a plan can help. We help map the path to get you there by combining all aspects of business intelligence, big data, and data science. Services include strategy development, ROI analysis, tool and platform strategy and selection, and implementation roadmap creation.

Data Governance

Our tried-and-true Agile approach to data governance is based on the idea that if you can consistently demonstrate value to the business, you will receive executive support. Making data governance a business-driven process will yield tangible results in a short period of time, resulting in enterprise buy-in and excitement.

Management of Master Data

Organizations are experiencing pain in terms of consistent reporting and regulatory compliance as data is now frequently shared across multiple systems and new systems are constantly incorporated into existing enterprises. Our Master Data Management (MDM) services can assist you in dealing with—or avoiding—this pain.

Management of information

Through information management, organisations transform from data-oriented silos to information factories. By utilising the most recent information management tools, we can assist your organisation in truly understanding and managing the valuable information required to make critical decisions.

Conversion of Data

Data comes in a variety of formats, making it difficult to share data across systems. We have the experience and expertise to convert data so that incompatible systems can share information.

Data is a valuable corporate asset. Shouldn’t you treat it as such? Use data to generate business insights, automation, process improvement, and innovation.

Our Data and Analytics Services Assist You in Achieving Your Objectives


The Platform for Modern Analytics

  • Will analytics be important in your future? You are no longer limited by costly data warehousing.
  • Modernize your analytics with cloud computing, flexible architectures, and cutting-edge technologies. reduce costs while streamlining business insights from data.


Data Accuracy 

  • How many times have you heard someone say, “Where did that number come from?” Uncertainty in data can make business management difficult.
  • Data quality can be seen in reporting, metric development, business definitions, and data reconciliation.
  • We can assist you with improving data governance, master data management, and technology components.


Learning Machines

  • Haven’t you always suspected that your data contains valuable insights? Predictive power, on the other hand, is elusive and may appear to be a magical impossibility.
  • Machine learning and data science have the potential to unlock that predictive power.
  • Using our machine learning SDLC, you can achieve cost-effective automation and process improvement.


Visualization and Business Intelligence

  • A picture is worth a thousand words, as we all know. So, why are you still paging through the numbers? Business intelligence will surface relevant information to help you make better decisions faster.
  • Users can go “beyond the dashboard” with well-designed visualisation solutions. Centric will link business processes and tools to create a powerful, information-rich experience.
  • Our knowledge of Power BI and Tableau will assist you in delivering actionable enterprise-level insights throughout your organisation.
  • ou can achieve cost-effective automation and process improvement.


Support and Upkeep

  • Is your IT team limited in terms of bandwidth? You’re not by yourself. Many organisations face difficulties in allocating time and resources to support a data solution. We can bear the burden.
  • We provide support and maintenance services for data and analytics solutions. SLAs, fractional support, blended offshore/onshore teams, and architecture and advisory services are all part of this.
  • We’ll bring the right talent, tailored to your specific needs.

Insight Delivery to Your Business Is No Longer Optional. It’s a Chance Activity

Your competitors are utilising data for purposes other than reporting. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and modern approaches to data architecture can help you become “data nimble.” By going beyond traditional business intelligence, you’ll be able to transform data into information that accelerates business insight, ensures operational excellence, and gives you a competitive advantage.

Consulting in Business Intelligence and Analytics

What Data & Analytics Issues Affect Your Organization?

Data and analytics are particularly important to modern businesses because they can improve the outcomes of all types of decisions (macro, micro, real-time, cyclical, strategic, tactical, and operational). Simultaneously, D&A can uncover new questions and innovative solutions to questions—and opportunities—that business leaders had not previously considered. 

Progressive organisations use data in a variety of ways and must frequently rely on data from sources outside their control to make better business decisions. Consulting in Business Intelligence and Analytics Data and analytics are also a driving force behind digital strategy and transformation because they allow for faster, more accurate, and more relevant decisions in complex and rapidly changing business contexts.

Individuals and organisational teams make decisions. As a result, digital strategy is as much about asking smarter questions and using data to improve the outcome and impact of those decisions.

Data-driven decision making refers to the use of data to determine how to improve decision-making processes. This gives rise to the concept of a decision model, which can include prescriptive analytical techniques that generate outputs that specify which actions should be taken. Other analytical models are descriptive, diagnostic, or predictive (also see “What are core analytics techniques?”) and can aid in decision making in other areas.

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