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Analytics as a Service

Analytics as a Service
Analytics as a Service

What exactly is Analytics-as-a-Service?

Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) offers cloud-based, subscription-based data analytics software and procedures. AaaS typically provides a fully customizable BI solution with end-to-end capabilities for organising, analysing, and presenting data so that even non-IT professionals can gain insight and take action.

The pervasiveness of big data, as well as the exorbitant costs of parsing these massive datasets, is causing CIOs to prefer AaaS’ cost-effective web products over traditional licenced and on-premise solutions.

AaaS effectively reveals trends and insights from existing data sets by utilizing data mining, predictive analytics, and AI. Running analytic processes on data warehouses used to necessitate a large team of data engineers and data scientists.


Data Interconnection

With the analytics-as-a-service application, you can analyse both cloud and traditional on-premise data and centralise all of your data and insights in one place. Data collection from various departments and processes is easier on the cloud because there are no restrictions when multiple processes are running across different geographies.


You can get started right away with analytics-as-a-service platforms. Hosted solutions eliminate the need for you to manage infrastructure, purchase hardware, or perform numerous configurations. Many processes are computerised. Within minutes, you can create reports, perform advanced analytics on your data, share dashboards, and add users. They are reachable from anywhere on the planet. There is no need to wait for patches, downloads, or installations. You get the most recent features as soon as they are released.


With cloud analytics, you can easily scale in terms of data volume or user count. Managing physical servers and hardware can be difficult at times. You can easily expand and increase servers/space with analytics on the cloud. You can purchase subscriptions or licences on an as-needed basis rather than in bulk. When you use the analytics-as-a-service platform, you can easily add, manage, and assign roles to new users, re-defining the flow. Not only can you scale up, but you can also scale down as needed, depending on your organisational needs.

Ease of Collaboration and Sharing

With cloud analytics, you can easily share insights both within and outside your organisation. It will be simple to collaborate and share critical reports and insights with your partners or customers. You would no longer require access permission or any other formalities. Modern analytics SaaS platforms offer the highest level of security for sharing these insights. You can control who has access to what and ensure that people only see what you intend to share. This allows you to collaborate more quickly with partners and prospects both inside and outside your organisation.

Data Safety

Today’s cloud platforms provide world-class security. It would not be incorrect to say that such platform vendors are more concerned with secure transactions than any single organisation. When you choose a Software as a Service analytics platform, you get cutting-edge features as well as the highest level of data security. In the event of an emergency, cloud vendors will dispatch a dedicated team to deal with the problem and can resolve data breaches within hours. As a result, you can rest assured that your data is secure.

Mobile Compatibility

Cloud applications provide mobile-friendly interfaces that enable users to access updates from anywhere. You can always stay up-to-date on the latest developments in your business, find answers, and make important decisions when you have access to critical data inputs at any time and from any location.

Highlights of Wmad’s Data Analytics as a Service


Data Analytics as a Service

There is no infrastructure setup or administration burden. 

To provide you with the necessary analytics, we will:

  • It’s to create an analytics solution that uses as little cloud as possible. 
  • Integrate 10 or more cloud services from different cloud vendors into a single customised package. 
  • Configure and develop the components of the analytics solution (DWH, ETL/ELT, OLAP, reports and dashboards), establish data management procedures, and so on. 
  • Support and management of the analytics solution.


Analytics insight delivery at its best

We provide the following services to assist you in seamlessly integrating analytics output into your existing workflows:

  • Customized reports and dashboards for various business users, delivered on a predetermined schedule or triggered by specific events. 
  • Dynamic reports and dashboards with the ability to drill down, pivot, and filter data for more in-depth analysis. 
  • A self-service analytics platform with role-based security.


Data analysis is completed as soon as possible.

We prioritise time and deliver:

  • In one day, I created my first online dashboard, which consisted of a few charts and tables. 
  • New online dashboard in 4 to 2 days, depending on complexity (may be longer if data cleansing is required). 
  • Changes to existing reports or dashboards can be made in 2–8 hours, depending on urgency and SLA.


Strategic Market Research for a Management Consulting Firm:

  • We deploy and maintain a data analytics solution (a DWH, an OLAP cube, and a web interface) for a monthly subscription fee. 
  • Pre-built and ad hoc reporting on strategic, financial, and marketing aspects of the airline industry market based on a 10-year history of external data. 
  • User access permissions can be configured. 
  • Reports are accessible via desktop and mobile devices.

Take Advantage of AaaS Benefits Right Now!

  • Use analytics at the enterprise level to solve your business problems. 
  • Analytics costs are reduced as a result of no or minimal upfront investments and the elimination of ongoing software licence fees. 
  • There is no need for data analytics solution development or maintenance, allowing you to focus on core business processes.

Big Data cleaning, analysis, and actionable insights are scalable and affordable with AaaS for organisations at various stages of growth. Embedded analytics, which range from entirely web-based AaaS to hybrid versions that integrate with existing infrastructure, enable businesses to make better decisions in real time.

Analytics as a Service

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